This software is heavily based upon phpBB.

It isn't publically released yet, but runs on the PDG Forums

I've talked about publically releasing the code for a long time, but haven't due to complications. Thanks to my work on OpenSL, I've realized the coolness of CVS. Not only will putting it on CVS be easy, but it will make running the site be easier.

Thanks to the vendor branching capabilities of CVS, I can effortlessly merge the changes from new releases of phpBB into pdgBB.

I expect that this project will live as two modules in CVS, due to the fact that about half of the code isn't really based on phpBB, and merging would be harder if I had them together.

I'm not using the usual naming scheme, because this was called pdgBB well before that.


Checked in the phpBB2 module (tag release_2_0_12) of the phpBB project into our module pdgBB_2 (pdgBB_1 is a dud). The $id tags work.

That's stage one. Stage two is to make a copy of the code running on the server right now, examine the diffs between CVS and that to ensure no confidential info or misc problems. Then it will be committed


I have committed a skimmed version of what runs on the server to cvs and tagged it PDGBB2_R_0_4_0.

I then imported phpBB 2.0.14 to the PHPBB2b branch and tagged that PHPBBb_2_0_14.

I later fixed/merged fixes/changes for the upgrade and committed that. I then made a tag PDGBB2_R_0_4_1

The only differences between 0.4.0 and 0.4.1 is that .0 is based on phpBB .12 and .1 is based on .14.


Well, psoTFX left. My confidence in phpBB isn't terribly high anymore. I think I did do some stuff between the announcement above and now, such as update to the two unofficiall 2.0.15s and I think also tag two new releases in MAIN. I'm going to import official 2.0.15 and then import the latest version, 2.0.17, and possibly tag a new release in MAIN. My hesitation is due to the fact that I'm unsure of the status of my work on getting this code onto FP.TK (that's on the dead HD, I think). I think I'm just gonna take care of 2.0.17 and stop there until I get the data off that HD.