Minucaus is a menu-generator written in PHP. It uses an XML file containing the menu data to generate menus in ANY format using rendering engines.

The name "Minucaus" comes from Latin. It is just the temporary Project codename. All future projects will use a similar naming scheme until they become big enough.

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Version Info

About Version 0.0.5


Version 0.0.5 will be fully phpdocumentor-ed. I will pst the documentation itself here shortly after tagging v_0_0_5 in CVS

Since I need to change ALL of the GPL notices, I might as well make a new header with some CVS keywords.

Version 0.0.4 in CVS!

Date: 2004-04-29

Yes, CVS is now being used for development, and you will be able to access my latest work easily.

The only difference between 0.0.4 and 0.0.3 is that it is more CVS-friendly.

You can get the latest work by not specifying a tag, but that is not necesarily stable. It is usually better to get a tagged version. Minucaus 0.0.4 is tagged as v_0_0_4 in the minucaus module in our CVS respiritory.

Follow the SF directions to get the latest code out of anonymous CVS (which might be up to 5 hours behind schedule).

Quick way to get it if you're on a good UNIX system: cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sf.net:/cvsroot/ctenet0 export -r v_0_0_4 minucaus (at the moment, anon CVS hasn't caught up yet, so I don't know if this works)

0.1.0 will be released through the file release system, and WILL be runnable by anyone (no PHP knowledge necessarry; you just need to understand the simple menu XML format, which I will have docs for, but I still need to standardise it sooner or later). I basically just need to write docs and clean up the rendering engine XSL a bit. There will probably be a 0.0.5 in CVS only before that. I might not even bother announcing it, but if you see a v_0_0_5 tag, then obviously it's there.

Info on version 0.1.0

Date: 2005-04-17

No further public releases will be made until 0.1.0.

The main enhancement that 0.1.0 will have over 0.0.3 is that the code files will be well-organised, all development from that point forward will occur on CVS, and all subsequent releases will be on the file release system.

There will be a preliminary README. All of the rendering engines that I have created will remain as part of the main sourcecode distrobution at least until an acceptable level of functionality is reached. At that point, they will be put up in the Attic.

Info on version 0.0.3

Date: 2005-04-02

I'd just like to note that both cteXSLT and the main cache work fine in version 0.0.2. Just four things are needed in most PHP5 setups:

0.0.3, which will hopefully be released within a week and a half or so, will include these fixes and other stuff. After that, I intend to nicely package everything for version 0.1.0.

All of the 0.0.x series is compatible with PHP5 only. Compatibility PHP 4 is planned for version 0.2.x and so on. I do not intend to ever support PHP 3; however, I will accept patches for PHP3 compatibility once PHP 4 is working fine. I may also incorporate them into the main branch if they aren't too resourse-intensive You do not need any PEAR stuff whatsoever to be able to run the 0.0.x series, but it is not known to cause problems, and it may become a requirement in the near future.


Date:20050501: some of original info (20050330) on top moved down here

This is a temporary page written on 2005-03-30, all we have now is a full listing of the code in today's release, version 0.0.2.

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