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Today, 2004-08-17

Out of date!

Today is October 15. This will be updated soon. Right now alot is inacurrate and broken. Please look at my TODO List to find out when I plan to do this.

UPDATE 2004-02-11 This site will not be affected by the downtime in the near future that will affect many other CTE Networks sites.

About CTE Net

CTE Net is a small organization (2-3 inner people, approx. 10 if you include others).
Here is the main website.

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Who is in charge?

The project admin is chris52389 (me). Goto the main site for my other identities.

What was this before?

Well this was registered a while and hosted a few things (Forum and the CTE C++ Mathematical Library). It was amd still is codenamed Project Pue (Named after an extemely morphed version of my dog's name). So why am I making this big now? I happen to be graduating from middle school this year. THere is alot I want to do with the main site before I do. After that I will concentrate on programming especially at NCC. A forum will be added for development or I will use SF.


I am proud to announce that the development page is now almost seamlessly integrated with the Server/Secret Pages. The main pages' navigation bar includes a "server" tab, which includes this page. Perhaps there will be a "developmant" tab.

Well alot of progress has been made this weekend, but alot of info is still crap (most work was infrastructure (not very noticable to the average person, but trust me, there have been at least 20 hours of work in the past 1 and 1/2 week.). So hopefully within two weeks it will be done.


These are my ideas for projects. All will be (L)GPLed

Decentralized IM

There would be a central database of Ultra-Chatters (like Gnutella Ultrapeers). Then you would connect to a few, possibly becoming one yourself. The Ultra-Chatters would have your roster (buddy list). Each user would be identified by a hash of a bunch of info and a simple name. Similar to ICQ. The rosters would say who you want to send presence to and who's presence you want to say. That makes it easier by not making your presence be sent everywhere.All talking would be encrypted with GPG or something similar, as chatting would probably end up going through others. ALso there would be like an auo chat, where you talk to those within your vicinity (networkographically). Gnutella 2 / Mike's Protocol may be the basis for it.

File sharing gateway

Basically there is an interanl network and the internal network. The internal network uses client/server protocol designed by CTE Net (open of course) for this purpose (maybe Napster in the beginning). The clients could be CTE Net developed or by someone else. My guess is there will be more than one, as I'm bad at Windows programming. The server could then communticate to various internet sharing networks and appera just as a solitary network. It would be able to download, search (reverse as well) and upload on all the supported networks. The Internet networks would probalby be supported through a simple lug-in interface. The initial plug-ins will probably parts hacked from other programs. I may even port GnucDNA

Instant Messenger presence record

This would take (a) file(s) or DB, either in real-time or batch and generate HTML describing the presence of specified users on various IM networks. The ability to read this data would be done through plug-ins or converters. The data may be from log files from software such as Gaim or from a database or XML file created by the daemon (see below). If it is real time it would probably use PHP and MySQL. Also, you would probably want to give it its own username for each protocol you want to use. If I can find some good graphing software, it may have graphs in addition to just plain data.

The daemon would sit on a machine with access to the IM network(s) you would want to monitor and a database or XML file. It would watch whoever you want for whatever data. It would also be able to see and record away/idle messages and profiles (both optional).

Jabber all day

So, you want to be "online" all day? Do you want custom or maybe even interactive away messages (special ones for particular people)? Do you want other features that a bot could do? Well this just might be your answer. It will use Jabber. It will have its own resource (Jabber technology) with a low priority (Jabber) so that when you are signed on, your regular client (Jabber) will get IMs. It will be able to watch usernames, similar to CTE IM Presence Record. Probably other features that I can't think of at the moment.

My Best VG idea



Coming soon...


Active Projects

CGI Picture Generator

This generates 100% valid XHTML 1.1. More soon. I would show a working example, but I don't have good pix :-)!

A vunurability has been discovered just before my intended 0.2 release. I have released info on this.

CTE Mathematical C++ Library

This is kind of abandoned. You can sorta use fractions in C++ with it. The source is GPLed.

CTE CSS System

This is a system composed of three PHP scripts that can give your website a standardized interface and let users pick CSS through the use of cookies.

CTE Networks Website Tools


Coming soon. (after graduation)

Shell Scripts

I will be posting various UNIX sh scripts that I worte for various reasons soon.


All working code is available at our SF Files Page.


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